The Colours of Poland

Game details

The Colours of Poland is an educational board game. It contains several dozen questions from 24 different categories. Players can check how much they know about Poland and also expand their current knowledge. During the game players get to know polish actors, directors, saints, writers, kings and many more. The players move around the board and answer questions, in order to proceed to the higher level. To choose the category one has to spin the wheel hand and if the answer is correct, the team wins the card.



Maximum 4 teams of 4 people can play the game at the same time.


Goal of the game

The team which first scores at least 15 cards and reaches the finish line wins the game.



  • Board
    • 5m x 5m
  • Counters
    • 4 pcs.
    • wooden
    • height ~ 60 cm
    • coloured bilaterally
  • Cards
    • 96 pcs.
    • wodden
    • coloured bilaterally
  • Command Wheel
    • 50x50cm
    • wodden
    • coloured