The Battle of Grunwald

Game details

The Battle of Grunwald is a strategy game. Players choose the sides either as a commander in chief of the Polish or Teutonic Knights Army, to fight one of the biggest battles in the history of medieval Europe.
Polish Army along with their Lithuanian and Czech allies, confront the Teutonic Knights Army and their monastery guests, on the big board. Players have 3 formations at their disposal: infantry, motor pool and crossbowmen. Each of them has a certain way of moving and attacking the enemy. To choose which army makes a move, the team has to spin the Command Wheel.
The ties can be run as a confrontation of two teams or two individual players. Animator can lead the game in four different ways, depending on the age of the players and the amount of time they have.

Goal of the game

Deliberate manoeuvres and well planned strategy let defeat the definite number of knights, which must be determined before the game. The army which annihilates the enemy first wins the game.


  • Board
    • 4,5m x 6m
  • Counters
    • 30 pcs.
    • wooden
    • height ~ 60 cm
    • coloured bilaterally
  • Command Wheel
    • 2 pcs.
    • diameter ~ 50 cm
    • wodden
    • coloured
  • Badges
    • 4 pcs.
    • wodden
    • coloured
  • Mega dice
    • 1 pcs.
    • 40 cm
  • Instruction
    • A5
    • paper
    • coloured
  • Summary of the rules
    • A3
    • wooden
    • coloured