Gunpowder and steel

Game details

Gunpowder and Steel is an historic, cooperative board game. The players altogether defend Benedictine Monastery and Wawel Hill in Cracow. The game focuses on a very little known episode in Polish history – Confederacy of Bar. It lets the players get to know the story of an association of polish nobles constituted to defend the independence of Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth against Russia, but also against Polish King Stanisław August Poniatowski.

The players have to cooperate, plan all the manoeuvres and create the defense strategy.

What is unusual about this game is that there is no just one winner. Everyone is a part of one team – Bar’s Confederates, who has to confront the Russian siege. The fortress will last, only if all the players turn against the enemy’s army together. They need to make sure they have enough soldiers and food to lead the charge and defeat the Russians. The enemy’s moves are described on the “Episode cards” and the players use the “Action cards” to plan the strategy and manoeuvres.\



Maximum 4 teams of 2 people can play the game at the same time.


Goal of the game

The players need to fight the Russians off the fortress.
Easy option: the players win if they survive 6 games in a row.
Hard option: the game goes on until there are no more “Episode cards”. If the players survive till then, they win the game.



  • Board 1
    • 5m x 6m
  • Board 2
    • 2m x 3,2m
  • Counters
    • 4 pcs.
    • wooden
    • height ~ 60 cm
    • coloured bilaterally
  • Badges
    • 54 pcs.
    • wooden
    • coloured
  • Cards
    • 82 pcs.
    • wooden
    • coloured bilaterally
  • Instruction
    • A3
    • wooden
    • coloured